IWant2TryHard's Shortbows

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IWant2TryHard's Shortbows

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IWant2TryHard's Shortbows is a mod that adds a new ranged weapon to Minecraft: Shortbows! It's the bow you all know and love, but quicker and stronger!
Explore throughout the world to find things that will make your fast new weapon, even stronger!



IWant2TryHard's Shortbows supports both Forge and Fabric modloaders, As well as versions 1.19 and 1.18.2.

Be sure to check the "Files" tab to see all the versions! Some of them may not show up on the main page.


IMPORTANT: The fabric version requires Fabric API.



Check the Source code out at https://github.com/MyNameTsThad/IW2THs-Shortbows


Issues or Suggestions?

If you have an issue:

  • Open a Github Issue by clicking the "Issues" link up top, select new, and pick the tag "bug" with the corresponding Modloader and game version tags. You can add more tags if you encounter the same issue on multiple versions.

If you have a suggestion:

  • Open a Github Issue with the "suggestions" tag.
  • Post a comment here!
  • or, If you know how to code and/or know someone else that does, fork the Github repository and make a Pull request back!



You can use this mod in whatever modpack you like!


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