Ever wish you could name your items with style? Do you miss the /itemname command from Essentials? Does your server need a little extra lore?


ItemRename is a simple server-sided mod which adds two commands: /rename and /lore. With the power of PlaceholderAPI, your item names can look really cool without §uweird formatting symbols§r!


Lore is simple as well, providing the complete ability to add lines, replace an existing line, remove a line, etc., so you can do whatever you want with your lore!


Want to know how to use the formatting? Click here!



Available on GitHub Available on CurseForge Available on Modrinth
Available for Fabric Available for Quilt Won't support Forge
Requires Fabric APIRequires Cloth Config API


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Supporters get early releases of my mods, as well as special perks in some mods.

As I am a solo developer who is unfit for work, any help would be appreciated. 🩷