Italian's Delight

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Italian Delights is a mod that adds various foods based on Italy.
the creator is currently working on adding various types of food (for example pasta al pesto, wine, various types of pizzas and much more)


- Farmer's delight

- Brewin n Chewin (2.0 and above)


- N/A

Q/A section:

Q.  Will this mod be out for 1.xx?
A.  If the dependancies will port for the specific version, We'll try our best to do so, even adding some other foods

Q.  What application are you using for textures?
A .  I mainly use Libresprite for my textures, since it's free and it's easy to use, for the block models I use Blockbench, of course it's one of the only apps for Minecraft models

Q.  Why is this mod originally made in MCreator?
A.  I still don't know and don't want to manually code, or learn java, so instead i'm using something simpler to just get the feeling of making a mod. Another developer had rewritten the whole mod, not in MCreator, for a higher quality mod.

Q.  Can I put this mod into my modpack?
A.  Of course!

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