419 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 16, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

A simple minecraft mod that adds a new World Type generating an endless ocean filled with islands.

You can always customize the min and max sizes of the islands along with some other settings in the config!


Official Website : HERE

Discord Server : HERE

GitHub Repo: HERE


How to Use

For Singleplayer:

1. When starting a new world open the "More World Options..." menu

2. Set the World Type to Islands

3. Create the world


For Multiplayer:

1. Open the file found in the same folder as your server

2. Add use-modded-worldtype=islands at the end of the file

3. Save it

4. Make sure the server doesn't already have a world generated, this only works when first generating the server's world!


 How to Install

1. Download and install MinecraftForge from their official website

2. Download the Mod from either our official website, or the curse page

3. Create a new "mods" folder, if not already present, inside your ".minecraft" folder 

4. Move the Mod file (the .jar file) inside this folder

5. Start Minecraft and choose the newly created "forge" profile

6. Enjoy


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