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Filename inventorysorter-1.12.2-1.13.3+57.jar
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Uploaded Mar 30, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 03455284c7d8b20d9e5667798b605090
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Java 8
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Inventory sorter changelog history

Version 1.13.3+57 for minecraft 1.12.2

  • Current release 1.13.3+57

    • Don't empty the slot before you've checked if you can take from it. Fixes #49
    • Skip slots that are blacklisted on the client side. Closes #53
    • Fix sorting extrautils bags, and probably other bag type dupes. Note that sorting bags might still be a bad idea - it doesn't look like he prevents moving the bag on the hotbar.
  • v1.13

    • OK. container blacklisting now works properly. Added debug message when you sort a container (toggle in config gui). Also added command: /inventorysorter arg is one of: * bladd : add the last sorted container to the container blacklist * blremove: remove the last sorted container from the container blacklist * show: show the last sorted container classname * list: list the current container blacklist
    • Actually add the blacklist config. Allows blacklisting any container you don't want to have sorting on, due to dupe issues.
    • Try and disable mouse wheel when mousetweaks is loaded alongside.
    • Fix slot inventory. Scrollwheel works on ItemHandlers now.
    • Suppress warning
    • Allow SlotItemHandler, and make canTakeStack a bit more explicit and smarter. Should make IronBackpacks, and probably many other inventories work.
  • v1.12

    • Fix changelog task. Looks like the latest versions of the plugin break the automatic generation of changelogs.
  • 1.10

    • Update to 1.12.2. Fix some derpiness. Support keybindings.
  • v0.11

    • Add slot blacklisting, to just completely nuke the bloody things from orbit. Expose an IMC so other mods like pack mods can force a blacklist if another slot type proves troublesome in future.
    • Fix furnace and brewing stand dupes.
    • Attempt to fix baubles dupe without depending on baubles. Hope this works.
    • Trying a fix for baubles sorting. Unsure if it'll work.
  • 0.11

    • inventorysorter-22 Armor Dup Bug closes #22
    • Update to latest forge RB, clean up a deprecation warning.
  • 0.10

    • Update for 1.10. Should work across 1.9.4, and currently known about 1.10 versions.
    • Update to 1957, Ignore less things.
  • 0.9

    • Fix bug inventorysorter-20 [inventorysorter-1.9.4-0.8.5+39] Sorting and scrolling not working closes #20
    • Ignore things
    • Use html for changelog, since curseforge API doesn't support markdown apparently.
    • Update gradle to 2.13, add new changelog task that generates an ongoing changelog from the git commit history.
    • inventorysorter-19 Item duplication - Progressive Automation 1.9 closes #19
    • inventorysorter-18 Item closes #18
    • inventorysorter-17 Incompatibility with Cooking for Blockheads closes #17
  • v0.8

    • Update for 1.9.4. Modules can now be enabled or disabled on the client. The effect is immediate when you change the config in the Mod Options GUI.
    • MiddleClick sorting now performs distribution on the crafting grid.
    • Fix up some derpiness in offhand handling and middleclick sorting. Clean up code significantly.
    • Bounds check the slot - reject negative slot indexes - closes #14
    • Fix compilation with 1865. Closes #15
    • Update for after forge 1805
    • 1.9 update - zero code changes!
    • Fix sorting enchanted books and other tagged items. Closes #1
    • Fix duping issue on scroll : closes #6 #7 #8
    • Update to 1765
    • Fix off by one in player inventory, causing AOOBE.
    • Fix duping bug, also fix weird offset with mousewheel.
    • Fix copyright boilerplate. Intellij copyright plugin ftw!
    • Tweak the build script. We're 100% semver now.
  • v0.7

    • Don't sent a slot message if the slot is completely faked on the client. Closes #2 definitely. Lower event priority. Closes #3
    • Use the promoted build # if it's available
    • More fixes
    • More fixes
    • More build script tweaks
    • Try this instead
    • Revert "MORE tweaks to the build." This reverts commit b758c72380c3a308e13652207286e74c166cd855.
    • MORE tweaks to the build.
    • Revert "API key goes there now?" This reverts commit 4549a99e4a15451bf8d2363361c4e60c3347ff41.
    • API key goes there now?
    • Revert "More build tweaks" This reverts commit a7afd67a832d5af6283528758d71f161e0bddfe6.
    • More build tweaks
    • Fix build script..
    • Proper versioning, fix jenkins build stuffs
  • v0.6

    • Fix player sorting while chest is open
    • Copyright notices (GPLv3)
    • Update license, add basic readme
  • v0.5

    • Check if the slots we're targetting are valid for insertion and removal. Should avoid dupe issues with fake slots.
  • v0.4

    • Fix up derpitude. Remember kids, the regular game is partially obfuscated!
    • Initialize the log
  • v0.3

    • Fix armor dupe, add log for send/receive
  • v0.2

    • Fix commons logging???
  • v0.1

    • mcmod info, version from git
    • Scrollwheel and sorting fixes, remove all the debug code
    • Middleclick sorting works
    • Scrollwheel works