Inventory Power

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Credits/ Thank you:

Thank you Minecraft Forge community/ IRC chat for helping me with technical and coding problems. Without your help, this mod would not exist.



Textures, and code are licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Feel free to use the mod in any modpacks. You are allowed to use it, you do not need to ask for permission. When using the mod, please use the Curse/Curseforge/GitHub download and do not rehost the files.

Any modpack which uses Inventory Power takes full responsibility for user support queries.

For anyone else, we only support official builds from Curse/Curseforge/GitHub, not custom built jars. We also do not take bug reports for outdated builds of Minecraft. We are not responsible for any damage done to you or your device upon using this mod!

If you use any part of this mod for reference, please make sure to give credit. 



Minecraft GUI


Inventory Power adds new components to the normal Minecraft player screen.

  • It adds a block identifier GUI.
  • It adds a item being held GUI.
  • It displays potion effects/ times on main GUI.
  • It displays in-game time on the main GUI.
  • It automatically repairs items in main hand if repairable items are found in player inventory. (only on r1.11-008 and older)
  • Also includes a portable crafting grid!

A full list of features can be found on the wiki!

Upcoming features can be found in the changelog of each update.


Supported versions of Minecraft:

  • Minecraft 1.15
  • Minecraft 1.14
  • Minecraft 1.12
  • Minecraft 1.11

Use other versions of Minecraft on your own risk!


Changelog can be found on my GitHub

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