Integrated Circuits

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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

A more detailed description can be found on the MCF Thread, including the crafting steps and tutorial.

Integrated Circuits (Alpha)


Integrated Circuits is a mod that allows you to combine the logic gates that were first introduced by RedPower, and have been adapted several times since, to assemble them into a single block. A list of gates and how they work can be found on the Project:RED wiki

Circuits can have three different input modes: analog, digital and bundled. For the bundled input, a third party mod is recommended that adds bundled wires (however, they can interconnect with each other without the need of a wire in between). A full list of mods supported can be found at the end.




The second main feature are 7-Segment displays which are multi-blocks that can display a signal in a human readable format, such as 16 bit shorts, floating points or a hex character representing analog input.



The main purpose of Integrated Circuits is to serve as a tool in complicated Redstone contraptions or to control complicated machinery without giving up the concept of Redstone and retaining the feel of building the circuit yourself. It is also a lot faster than vanilla Redstone, compact, and replicating circuit designs is easy as they are saved in the form of blueprints which are interchangeable.


Dependencies & Compatibility

CCC (Code Chicken Core) is required to run this mod, you can find it here:

Not Enough Items support is in the works, currently some of the recipes don't show up, don't panic.


Bundled Wire:

The circuits can be used as a peripheral for both Computer Craft and Open Computers.

The assembler can interact with BuildCraft gates.

Circuits and Segments can both be crafted as an FMP compatible version, however those can only interact with Project:RED and Bluepower, and don't serve as a peripheral!


Integrated Circuits is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC-SA). Modpacks? Sure.

The source can be found on the GitHub page, along with the issue tracker and minor versions of the mod.




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