Instant Fertilization


Instant Fertilization

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Allows bone meal to completely fertilize crops instantly.

Instant Fertilization requires the Fabric modloader and Fabric API.


  1. Install Fabric API if it is not installed.
  2. Download Instant Fertilization from CurseForge or GitHub.
  3. Place the downloaded file in your mods folder.


When this mod is installed, crops with a final stage will always grow to that stage when bone meal is used to fertilize them. This includes the following vanilla blocks:

  • Pumpkin and melon stems
  • Cocoa
  • Wheat, potatoes, carrots, and beetroot
  • All types of saplings
  • Both types of fungus
  • Both types of mushroom plants
  • Sweet berry bushes


Any block added to the #instantfertilization:instant_fertilization_blacklist tag will retain its vanilla behavior when it is fertilized.