Infused Ring

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The mod is about potion effects. It only add 3 items :


  • The "Magical stone" : this item can store (by a right click) ALL  your active potion effects (except bad effect) , to use them later. 3 uses.
  • The "Infusing ring": required to craft the infused ring.
  • The "Infused ring": Crafted with an infusing ring and a magical stone in an anvil. It provide you permanent effects from the magical stone (only 1 by default in config file).


In config file , you can :

  • Change the maximum number of effects on one infused ring. [By default : 1]
  • Change the maximum level of effects on the infused ring. [By default : 4]
  • Change the experience level cost for the craft of the infused ring. [By default : 38]
  • Add potion effects in the blacklist (by potion id). [By default : "minecraft:absorption,minecraft:health_boost"]



If you have any request , bug report, .... Please post an issue here.



Of course , you can use the mod on any mod pack , private or public. 

If you make a public mod pack , please send me the link.



Magical Stone




Infusing ring




Infused ring


/!\ If you are on survival , the anvil will say "too much expensive" , but if you have the 40 levels required , you can get the ring. /!\


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