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One Block

The one block mod is a mod based on the one block map by ijaminecraft. The mod is playable in multiplayer since each player can have his own one block.


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RandomLib is now a dependency for One Block Plus 1.7.0 and higher  



Since 1.6.0 , devs can add their own entry type for the oneblock.

An entry type must extend the WeightedActivable class and be registered using a new instance of WeightedDeserializer in the RegistryEvent.Register<WeightedDeserializer> event.

An entry type will override the following methods:

- deserializeItem(CompoundNBT content). This method reads the 'content' compoundnbt and return the corresponding object to be used by the 'generate' method.
- serializeItem(). This method writes the 'content' compoundnbt for this entry.

- toStack(int count). This method creates an ItemStack representing this entry and is called by the '/oneblock get' command ('count' is the item count of the returned ItemStack).
- generate(ServerWorld world, BlockPos pos). This method is called to generate the content of this entry in the world.
- vgenerate(TileEntityExNihilo ex_nihilo, ServerWorld world, BlockPos pos, ItemStack stack). This method is called by the Ex Nihilo Generator. ('stack' is the ItemStack placed in the second slot of the generator). The output slot of the generator is set using 'ex_nihilo.setOutputs'.





How does it work ?


Each player starts with an "OBMaker" in his inventory.


Start inventory

A right click on a block with this OBMaker will create a new "one block" at this place.

One block level 1

The one block can generate different blocks depending on its level. It can also generate a chest.One block chestOr an entity.One block entity The one block level up after a certain amount of blocks mined.

One block level 2

The creative inventory contains 3 tools.One block tools


  • The OBMaker creates a new one block.
    The OBRemover removes a one block from the world.
  • The OBAnalyzer displays the level and the amount of block mined in the chat for a one block.



One block config file


The default config is :

  • - "Plains" at 0 block mined. (grass, log, leaves, pig, cow, chicken, bonus chest, . . .)
  • - "Underground" at 350 blocks mined. (stone, gravel, coal ore,  iron ore, log, dirt, zombie, creeper, dungeon chest,  . . .)
  • - "Mountain" at 900 blocks mined. (grass,  snow, packed ice, ice, gold ore, wolf, stray, polar bear, igloo chest, . . .)
  • - "Ocean" at 1800 blocks mined. (prismarine, lapis ore, sand, gravel, sponge, diamond ore, squid,  guardian, treasure chest, . . .)
  • - "Jungle" at 3000 blocks mined. (cobblestone,  mossy cobblestone, jungle log, diamond ore, parrot, ocelot, witch, dungeon chest, . . .)
    • - "Nether" at 4500 blocks mined. (netherrack, soul sand, nether brick, quartz ore, emerald ore, gold ore, magma block, zombie pigman, blaze, wither skeleton, nether dungeon chest, . . .)
    • - "New OneBlock" at 5999 blocks mined. (OBMaker)
      • - "End" at 6000 blocks mined. (end stone, end brick, purpur block, obsidian, endermite, enderman, shulker, end city chest, . . .)




These commands help you to customize the configs of the mod.

- "chest" is used to add the chest at the selected position to the corresponding oneblock level (blocks mined).

- "clear" is used to clear all levels.

- "fill" is used to add a level based on the content of a selected chest (you can use a modded chest if you need more slots)

-  "list" shows you all levels by blocks mined or all content of a specific level.
- "remove" is used to remove a level.

/oneblock fill



oneblock 1.2.0 allows you to add structures to possible results. Including modded ones ! (Like the "Ancient Shrine" from "Astral sorcery" for example).

Blacksmith house generated by the oneblock. (the grass block in the middle of the picture).

Test world. Generation of "big structures". [WIP] This may cause lags,  high cpu usage, crashes, . . . Use at your own risks. 


Ex Nihilo

The Ex Nihilo Generator generates items and mobs (automatically kills them) from the one block phase specified by the Block Catalyst.



The Block Catalyst specifies the one block phase. The Enchanted Book applies its enchantments.

The Block Catalyst uses "oblevel" nbt tag. (example : {oblevel:0}, for "Plains" phase} )

To create a phase only usable by the Ex Nihilo Generator you can set it to a negative level.

So "level;-2;WitherGenerator;minecraft:dirt" for example.





Note: You still need a void world mod if you want to play in skyblock. This mod does NOT modify the world generation.

Note 2: The pistons (and sticky pistons) can't push or pull the oneblock.

 Feel free to give feedbacks about the mod.


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Modpacks :

You are allowed to add this mod in any public modpack as long as it contains a link to this webpage or it is published on curseforge.



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