InfraRedstone (Fabric)

817 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.14-Snapshot

InfraRedstone is currently going under a rework. Please be patient while we finish the new features!


This mod requires Fabric Loader for 1.14, along with Fabric API, Silk, and qcommon Croco and Architect. For the time being, you can access Croco and Architect from the InfraRedstone Github repo.


To access versions for previous snapshots, please visit the File page. The 19w02a version will not work with snapshot 18w50a.


InfraRedstone banner



InfraRedstone is a mod designed to create a simpler but more capable version of redstone. While there are many other mods that do this, they mostly resort to systems that only have two states: on or off. InfraRedstone has a 64-value system that's flexible, light on servers, and easy to understand.


InfraRedstone is based off an interface system, with only logic blocks as BlockEntities; cables don't tick or even update, ever, providing a huge boost over vanilla redstone. There are built-in logic gates which are designed to work well with more than two signal values, and modules like the Shifter to use signals in ways no other system can.


For more information and to learn how to develop add-ons, see the InfraRedstone wiki.


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