Infinity Stones Mod

55,128 Downloads Last Updated: May 20, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2



This mod adds Infinity stones to your Minecraft World.

With the help of Lucraft Core you can have all the Infinity Stones.

This mod is originally designed for the Superhero server of SuumCW, but it is now an Open mod.

If you want the Infinity Gauntlet you will have to figure out yourself how to get it.


The Features of the mod Include:
- Every Infinity Stone can be Added in the Infinity Gauntlet

- Infinity Stones have their own powers

- You can Stop Time

- You can Warp Reality

- You can Shoot Power Beams


These features helps you improve the Lucraft mod by being able to become the mad titan himself. Thanos



You need Lucraft Core 2.1.2 and the latest Heroes Expansion for this mod!!!


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