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Infinite Music

 No more awkward silences between musics.


Do you ever hate how silent the game of Minecraft can get? Well this mod is your solution! Infinite Music overrides the timer that tells Minecraft when to play music, by simply setting it to a much lower time. This results in about a few second delay between songs instead of the default FOREVER that it seemed to be set at before. Enjoy!

Feel free to include this mod in any packs.


From Infinite Music 1.1.0 you can configure a timer between musics, you can configure the time both in config file and GUI.

If you install cloth config (forge) or (fabric) a config file will be generated under the config folder, you can configure the music timer in that file.


From 1.19 version (Infinite-Music-1.6+) this mod require Architectury API for both forge and fabric versions.


Now also disponible for Fabric !

Don't care about the "Beta" tag, that's just for displaying both Forge and Fabric versions in the recent files column.

Fabric version require Fabric API.

Fabric version is NOT compatible with Music Control (bugs will happen when both are used at the same time).