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About :

This mod display some Game Info into In-Game HUD, Also its half PvP Mod that contain some PvP features (might not better at all :D). Mod Features explain at below.

Also this mod is ever my private mod, called Indicator Utils. Distribute in Thai only.


Note : I might be explain not clearly at all, you can suggest by comment at below. (Not good at English)


How to use : Simply press F4 for Config GUI.


Features :

Main :

 - In-game HUD

  * XYZ

  * FPS

  * Biome

  * Server IP (with Minecraft version)

  * Ping

  * Slime Chunk (need to use /slimeseed command to set world seed)

  * CPS (Click per second)

  * RCPS (Right click per second)

  * Customize CPS HUD Position (Can be drag when in Chat GUI)

  * Donator/Recent Donator list (For twitch streamlabs)

  * Server TPS (Useful for testing TPS on client side)

  * Real Life Time (Day/Month/Year and Current time)

  * Game Time

  * Game Weather

  * Moon Phase

  * Equipment HUD (Armor and Current held item)

  * Recording Overlay (Show how long did you has been recorded. Default key: F9)

  * In-game Potion HUD

  * Keystroke

- Custom Player List (Show ping as number)

- Chat Depth Fix (This will fix Equipment HUD render if behind Chat GUI)

- Vanilla In-game Potion HUD disable option (only 1.10.2+)

- Boss Status disable option

- Sidebar Scoreboard disable option

- Health Status on entity

- 1.7 Blockhit Animation

- Auto detect Ping for nicked player in Hypixel (Including me :D)

  * Note: This still doesn't work because Hypixel not send ping data to client player. (Maybe, I'm not expert at network.)

- Auto GG (Will work after game is end, Tested only at Hypixel)

- AFK Feature (Work perfectly in realms server but not working for some server, not sure why....)

- Custom Cape (Only you can see your own cape.)

- Simple Toggle Sprint/Sneak

- 1.7 Hurt Render for Armor

- Auto Login (Secure your password!)

- Auto Realms (Say hi to your friend realms! Only latest version)

- Fast Chat Render (Disable Chat Background for better FPS!)

- 1.7 Smooth Eye Height (When sneaking)

- Auto Kick Player (Party) when player is offline (Only for Hypixel)

- Mojang Status Checker (Available in Main Menu or using command)

- 1.7 Fishing Rod Render (Feel like 1.7!)

- Render Info Profile (Save all your HUD info)

- Quick Skywars Button (Only show when you are in the Skywars Lobby, In Chat GUI)

- Hypixel Chat Mode Button (Only show when in Hypixel Server, In Chat GUI)


Only Below 1.8.9 :

- Support Transparent Skin (Ported from 1.9+)

- 1.8.9: 1.7 Fishing Rod Render config removed, don't know how to replace model without using minecraft path.

- 1.8.9: Toggle Sprint/Sneak Key binding removed, because Forge Key Binding aren't support with 2 keys yet. Use Config instead!

- /autorealms command removed. Realms aren't support old version of Minecraft!

- 1.7.10: Ping might not working for some server, There is no a better way to get ping from player :(

- 1.7.10: TCP No Delay Support (Haven't tested yet...)

- 1.7.10: Clear Chat Feature (F3 + D)

- 1.8.9, 1.7.10: Better Movement when player press F3 + A,D,S. Player will not moving!

- 1.8.9, 1.7.10: Recent Chat Height Fix (Ported from 1.9+)


Command :

/afk (Usage: /afk <start:reason|stop|change_reason|mode...>)

- For who want to AFK.

/autologin (Usage: /autologin <add|remove|list> <command> <value>)

- This will auto process when joined to server, your password will be encoded automatically.

/profileiu (Usage: /profileiu <add|load|save|remove|list>)

- Render Info Profile. Whatever your want to save, Example UHC, None, PvP, etc.

/autorealms (Usage: /autorealms <message...>)

- This will auto process when joined to realms server.

/indicatia (Usage: /indicatia <toggle_sprint|toggle_sneak|cps|gui|color_gui>)

- Contain sub-command, Set your own settings.


- Checking Current Mojang Status

/slimeseed (Usage: /slimeseed <seed>)

- Used for finding Slime Chunk in your world.


- Full Mod Change Log


Installation :

- Download Minecraft Forge

  - 1.7.10 (Latest)

  - 1.8.9 (Latest)

  - 1.10.2 (Build 2316 or latest)

  - 1.11.2 (Build 2414 or latest)

  - 1.12 or 1.12.1 (Build 2413 or latest)

- Download Indicatia

- Copy Indicatia to your .minecraft/mods folder

- Play!


Compatibility :

Only OptiFine, Not sure about other mod.


GitHub :

Modpack Permission : Yes, of course! (But if you getting crash with another mod, Please report it to GitHub!)


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