Indev World Gen

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Indev World Gen

A mod for the fabric mod loader that brings back old terrain generation

by Ambos and Valoeghese


Current World Types Provided:

- Indev Inland

- Indev Hell

- Indev Floating

- Indev Woods

- Indev Island

- Indev Paradise

- Alpha (alpha 1.1.2_01)



Current Config Options Provided:

- "generateSwamps": whether to allow swamp biomes to generate. This may be wanted to be turned off by those using texture packs which change the grass colour to the old neon green seen in the early days of minecraft. Does not apply for the Indev Woods or Indev Floating terrain types. (default value: true)

- "alphaTreePlacementStyle": whether to use the tree placement algorithm from alpha 1.1.2_01. The positions of trees will not be the exact same as alpha worlds, but the tree density should.



- Will you port this to forge or to (X outdated minecraft version): no

- May I make a fork of this mod?: yes, as long as you follow the terms of the MIT license

- May I use this mod in a modpack?: yes (under the terms of the MIT license)


Some Screenshots:

Indev Inland terrain with modern biomes

Indev Inland Terrain


Alpha 1.1.2_01 terrain with Alpha tree placement and a texture pack with old textures

Alpha with texture pack
Indev island terrain with modern biomes

Indev Island




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