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Incorporeal 2 + Rhododendrite

incorporeal 1 for 1.12: here

incorporeal 3 for 1.18: here (beta test)


(This .jar contains two interrelated Botania addons, which show up as separate mods in-game. They're split apart for organizational and thematic purposes. Sorry for the weirdness!)


Incorporeal 2

Incorporeal mainly expands on corporea networks, Botania's item-transportation and management solution. It tries to remain faithful to Botania's vision of "handing you the tools to solve your own problems rather than solving them for you", and it's a port of Incorporeal 1 for 1.12.

You will find:

  • a Corporea Solidifier and Ticket Conjurer to record corporea requests
  • the Sanvocalia flower, to play back those requests at a corporea index
  • the Red String Liar, allowing your corporea network to think it's retrieving different items than it actually is
  • the Corporea Soul Core, a basic security system
  • the Corporea Retainer Evaporator, which allows richer control of interceptor-retainer pairs


It also includes some things that are less corporea-specific, but pair well with the world of corporea, or are just fun:

  • the Rod of the Fractured Space, allowing manual wireless item transportation
  • the Frame Tinkerer, which tinkers the contents of item frames
  • the Ender Soul Core, for automatable ender-chest access
  • the Blood Soul Core, for automatable wireless potion distribution
  • Redstone Roots are now a plantable crop, which grow into various redstone devices
  • a reimagining of the removed Unstable Cube item
  • That one flower everyone makes fun of me for


A couple things have not been ported from Incorporeal 1. Some of the decorative blocks have been removed for being too niche or have been subsumed into Botania proper, and the old Corporea Spark Tinkerer's functionality is redundant since you can now fire the Paintslinger Lens at corporea sparks.


More detailed documentation for all of the above can be found scattered throughout the Lexica Botania.



Rhododendrite (rhododendron, a type of plant + dendrite, a neuron part) is a sort of thinking tree. It adds a basic in-world stack-based computing system that maybe wouldn't look out of place in a Zachtronics game.



The basic object to be operated on is the solidified corporea request, a pair of "item" and "count". Requests can be siphoned out of various Botania blocks and items with the Rhododendric Funnel, operations like addition, subtraction, and duplication can be performed with the Rhododendric Operator, and conditions like "less than" or "equal to" can be checked with the Rhododendric Crystal Cube. Your result can be injected back into a Botania block to further process it on your corporea network, or you can just use comparator outputs from the computer as their own thing.


All these operate on a Rhododendrite Network, formed of an Awakened Rhododendrite Core + up to sixteen logs placed against any of its faces. Also the core can face in 6 different ways.


This replaces the "cygnus" subsystem in Incorporeal 1. Unfortunately (as of 0.9.0) it's not documented at all and there's a bunch of placeholder art. :D

LGPL 3 or later. Yes, you can put it in your modpack.



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