Immersive Railroading

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Filename ImmersiveRailroading-0.5.5_1.11.jar
Uploaded by cam72cam
Uploaded Mar 25, 2018
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 55.62 MB
Downloads 762
MD5 3ba665adcb0342ef6857b3769f7b6446
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


Known issues:
* Key Bindings reset when minecraft is re-opened


* Add Japanese language files (gaojie429)
* Add Chinese language files (TartaricAcid)
* Better slope movement
* Reduce default block weight (more MC realistic)
* Add config options for brake and slope forces
* Better wheel slip calculations
* Fix gauge in block picked
* Configurable villager payouts
* Reduce volume of conductor's whistle
* Add dead mans switch
* Fluid GUIs now report amount
* Fire OpenComputers events from augments
* Add option for loco breaking force multiplier
* Better train physics
* Add Switch indicators (where the restone should be applied)
* More compact overlay GUI
* Ore dictionary fixes / proper NO-IE support
* Grey out unused slots in inventories
* Reposition fluid inputs/outputs in UI
* Add basic inventory slot locking (fuel/liquid in/out)
* Prevent orphaned rail gags
* Compact Track Blueprint UI
* Switches now auto shorten the straight leg
* Add option to disable requirement for solid blocks under track
* Add config for dropping snowballs (disabled by default)
* Speed up load times (only init stuff once)
* Render item pickers 2x size


* Fixed steam loss as a ratio to the locomotive (can max out all locos with full firebox)
* Fix infinity in loco heatup
* Fix crash with redstone torch + unaugmented track
* Fix crash from static passenger sync
* Fix issue where magic render entity would be killed or not spawned correctly
* Fix shunting overlap
* Fix shunting enable/disable (sometimes flipped both front and back)

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