Iguana in a Blanket

188 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.16-Snapshot

Iguana in a Blanket

Iguana in a Blanket is a mod for Minecraft using the Fabric modloader.

Iguana in a Blanket is a Fabric recreation of Iguana Tweaks for a modern Minecraft. It allows for extensive customization and a alteration of normal vanilla play. It features:

Item weight and encumbrance system

  • support for shulker boxes and other storage item's provided by Item Inventories by Emi
  • weight effects walking speed, hunger usage, flying speed, and might even break your wings!
  • affected by strength/weakness potions
  • Terrain slowdown
  • walking on certain blocks will either slowdown or speed up entities
  • certain enchantments will ignore this
  • Block hardness scale
  • Item stack size scale
  • for when one potion isn't enough, how about a stack of them?
  • Health slowdown
  • being injured is no longer so easy for you
  • Bed nerfs for evil pack devs
  • randomized respawn position
  • destruction of bed on spawn
  • Ability to throw items
  • hold down your drop key to charge a throw, the release and watch them sail into the distance
  • effected by item weight
  • will do damage to entities based on speed and weight
  • An FOV clamp to prevent your FOV from changing too much
  • An extensive config system that allows you to easy customize all these features

This mod makes use of the OWNER library for configuration. OWNER is licensed under the BSD license. A copy of this license can be found under assets/iguana-blanket/OWNER-license.txt


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