AutoSwitch [Fabric]

43,396 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 26, 2021 Game Version: 1.17-Snapshot

client Fabric API

Autoswitch (AS) reads the player's hotbar, and finds the best tool for the job currently available. (ie. you hit a stone block with your fist, it will switch to a pickaxe).

This mod is fully configurable. You will find the config files in your config folder, a quick way to get there is by opening the Resource Pack menu, open the folder, then go up a level and you will see a config folder. In general, most mods will place their config files there.

This mod has keybindings to disable switching on the fly, you will find them in the options menu with all the other keybindings.

Curseforge's markdown editor is broken, so for detailed explanation about how it works without looking like a mess, see the wiki.


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