Hunting Dimension

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Hunting Dimension


Many players encounter a situation where they need mob drops but can't hunt the mobs because it is day time. This issue is especially prominent on servers. This mod hopes to solve this issue, and any potential disputes it may cause by providing a hunting dimension. The hunting dimension provided by this mod is eternally night, meaning that mobs can spawn all day long. 



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Hunting Dimension Mobs

The mobs that spawn in the hunting dimension are not like the mobs that normally spawn in the game. They will have additional natural armor, higher amounts of health and do more damage. These buffs to the mobs can be increased/decreased/disabled by changing the config file. Players in the hunting dimension will also experience beneficial potion effects wearing off twice as fast as they should. 


Mob Farm Benefits

  • Mobs killed have a (configurable) chance to drop additional loot. As if they had +1 looting applied to their drops.
  • Mobs killed have a (configurable) chance to drop a (configurable) amount of additional experience.
  • Dimension has significantly less cave generation, improving mob farm efficiency.
  • Building mob farms in one dimension makes sources of lag easier to track down.


How to get there?

Portal blocks are crafted by surrounding an arrow with 8 wooden logs. The frame of the portal behaves in the same way as the nether portal. The portal can be lit by right clicking on it with most weapons. If all else fails, flint and steel can also light the portal. Once the portal is activated, enter it and sneak. 



Creeping Moss

Creeping moss is a craftable item that allows the player to change the type biome of a chunk in the hunting dimension. Creeping moss can be crafted by surrounding a block of mossy cobblestone with 8 vines, leaves or saplings. Once you have crafted the creeping moss, you can sneak and right click to set the moss to the biome you are currently standing in. Once the desired biome has been set, you can go into the hunting dimension and right click with moss (without sneaking) to apply the biome changes. Keep in mind that creeping moss can only change the biome of a chunk in the hunting dimension. Also some of the biomes that are harder to find, like ice plains, can be obtained using some special crafting recipes.