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This page is outdated now and won't receive any new builds.

For newer versions of Hunter's Dream, please visit:


Patch 0.2.2 Fix is out now, Look at the changelog to see what's changed

Also It should work on a server just don't have SpongeForge as it causes warnings/errors.

In otherwords the Werewolf should be Functional this build. Next build, after a few patches, we will start on the vampires and finish the werewolf mostly and add a few decorational blocks and more weapons! 

We have a Discord! Had this for awhile now. 

Hunter's Dream:

The Block Box (Our Public Server):

We're still in need of Coders, Texturers and Modellers so if you want to help out let me know! 

What we hope to accomplish by 1.0.0 (Werewolf and Vampire Update)

-Werewolves with complete levels and abilities 
-Vampires with complete levels and abilities 
-Killing methods 
-Goblins and villages with different trades and economy 
-Weapons such as the Crossbow, Musket and Flintlock Pistol 
-Clothes and backpacks 
-Hunter's journal 

 Updates in Order:

[Title of Update - What Transformations you can become] 

Werewolf and Vampire - Adds Werewolves and Vampires 

Industry and Magic - Adds Hunters and Witches 

Advanced Species - Adds Clockwork Androids and Hybrids 

Shape Changers - Adds Skin Walkers, Wendigos and Weredogs 

Sky and Sea - Adds Harpy and Merfolks 

The Holy and Unholy - Adds Angels, Demons and Ghosts

This modification is JUST A BUILD. Does add a bit but it is far far FAR from even decent at the moment. 
For a full change log of the 0.2.0 build look here


To change transformation use /hdtransformation huntersdream:<yourtransformation>

For more info look at our wiki (look at the bar above)

How to install: 

1. Download and install forge 1.12.2
2. Download our mod here
3. Take the mod out of your downloads folder or wherever you put it
4. Open up your .minecraft folder 
5. Place it in you mods folder 
6. Close and run the game 
7. Have fun! 

Video Timestamps!
Introduction: 0:00

Inventory Fix: 0:38

Silver Ore: 1:05

Silver Weakness: 2:16

Silver Axe no longer Item: 3:00

Talk about Leveling: 3:24

Crafting Werewolf Enchanting Stone: 4:22

Obtaining Lycanthropy: 5:30

More talk on Leveling: 10:12

Transformation Sequence: 11:50

Gameplay Mechanics: 12:48

Demonstrations: 24:12




Have you ever felt like there wasn't much hunting to do or exploration? Maybe bored with the mobs currently in the game? Or there isn't enough supernatual in the game? We'll Sir or Ma'am, You've come to the right place! Welcome to the Hunter's Dream Mod!


What is "Hunter's Dream" ? Hunter's Dream Mod is a minecraft modification which adds majority of folklore monsters, magic, dimensions and adds it's own minecraft religion of some sorts! This mod also adds vehicles and weaponary which range from the common crossbow to a SniperRifle! You can also become some of these creatures if hunting monsters isn't your thing and each come with their own leveling system and skill trees. To name a few examples: Werewolves, Vampires, Ghosts, Ghouls, Merfolk, Skinwalkers, Weredogs and Hellhounds (Maybe even become a Demon or Angel ;P)


In this mod, this also adds an afterlife system. Depending on what you do in the overworld, you'll either respawn in the Overworld or The Divine world or The 2nd Nether. The main idea of this is to make players think about what they're doing and care about dying and think twice on their actions, making the game be more or less like "Everything you do has two outcomes, the intention of the outcome and the consequence".


There's also Structures and Dungeons all around all dimensions and some ideas in this mod has come from a popular TV show! such as the White Oak Stake :P


To get started, you'll have to find a village where you'll find a castle. There will be the king who'll give you your "Hunter's Journal" This will contain information on how to get into the mod however you'll have to find pages in order to get more information on the creatures and other aspects of the mod. That's It for now! Currently the mod is still in Development Phase however we'll be releasing updates here and on our YouTube account HERE:


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