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[!]Disclaimer: When we do a port to 1.14, a lot of what you see in the 1.12 version will be completely different from concept, mechanics and features to models and textures so don't get too comfy on how 1.12 is right now. That being said, we're no longer updating 1.12 unless it's bug fixing (No need to stay in the past). For more information or updates, go to our discord. Thank you for your time[!]

Hello fellow Hunters! Now, to clear up the confusion, I am the owner of the mod. Due to account complications, I lost my account and so I decided to create a new one. I wasn't able to add this account onto the previous page so I decided to create a new one, so apologise for that!

Now, for the people that are new to this, welcome!

Hunter's Dream Logo
What is Hunter's Dream?

Hunter's Dream is a Minecraft Modification (Mod) which aims to add hunting into the game, more specifically, but not limited to, supernatural hunting. This mod, however, takes the word and meaning of a curse far more seriously, so be careful.


What is to be expected?
Currently, the latest build adds hunter's gear, silver equipment, werewolves and wolfsbane, flintlock guns and more. There is, however, a lot more to be expected but to avoid high expectations or possible broken promises and disappointment, I'll refrain from what ideas I like to add. However, the main entities of the supernatural include werewolves, vampires and ghosts and yes, you can become them as well if you're not careful. We would also be adding more weapons and traps, skills and tracking and some more industrial stuff.

Got questions? Want to leave a suggestion? Stay up to date or support us? Here are a couple of links:
- Discord:
- Patreon:
- Youtube:


How to Install:
1. Download and install Forge of the right Minecraft version
2. Download Hunter's Dream and locate the Mods folder in the .minecraft folder
3. Launch the game and enjoy

I've found a Bug/Glitch/Crash. Where do I put it?
Please go to our Github page and create a new issue and describe in detail what happened. If you've crashed, create an issue on the Github page and describe what you did prior to the crash and a Pastebin link of the crash report that is created when the game crashes. If you simply say "I crashed" without any explanation and/or crash report, you'll be ignored or asked to read this description again

Credits to:
NoxEternisZ - Director, Texturer and Modeller
RedstoneTim - Coder
TheGamingLord - Coder
Novacraft - Texturer and Modeller
SteveBeeblebrox - Coder

Ms. Random


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