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This mod is based of the Predator/Alien Movies

and will soon receive updates/Bug fixes including Shuriken's, Aliens, structures and more 

So far in the there mod is


MK1 Yautja (Predator) Armor/ MK2 Berserker Armor

This adds the ability to camouflage by pressing Z for MK1 & X for MK2 to increase your hunting skills. The Helmet adds the ability to use night vision.

and by pressing G with a plasma round in your inventory you will fire the Plasma Caster 


The Right and Left Yautja Gauntlets 

The Right Gauntlet has a blade on it and is used like a sword 

The Left Gauntlet is used as a explosive way out by pressing V you will have 40 seconds to escape the explosion.


Plasma Handgun

This Weapon requires Plasma Rounds to use and will disintegrate any prey and will have a 6 second cool down 


Flintlock Pistol

Raphael Adolini 1715 uses musket balls as ammo 



there are no crafting recipes at the moment other than the musket balls 

Also enjoy this small Vid of the mod! and the discord link!!!