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Note : I am Korean, and I'm not good at English. If you find an incorrect translation, please comment.


Are you a big fan of RPG games? Have you ever wished you had a recall stone in a deep, dark cave? If so, take a look!

This mod is inpired by some old configurable features of Tinker's Construct and add much more things to make minecraft more "RPG" like.


 - if you die and respawn, your hunger, saturation, potion effects won't change.
(Old configurables in Tinker's Construct)
 - adds Tavern block and Hearthstone. Easily teleport to home!
    - use Fel Hearthstone to bring nearby living entities together.
    - use Arcane Hearthstone to teleport to privious recall location.
    - and more!
 - adds some "syringe"s. use them to get useful effects.

 Hunger/Saturation #
 - base saturation level on respawn(default 7.0) : min 0.0 ~ max 20.0
 - max/min hunger level on respawn(default 20/0) : min 0 ~ max 20
 - hunger decrease on respawn(default 0) : min -20 ~ max 20 -> put -20 to fully refill as vanilla does


 # Hearthstone(recall stone) #
 - cool time for each use(default 1500 tick) : min 0 ~ max 2,147,483,647(2^31-1)
 - enable crafting recipes for Tavern block(default : true)
 - enable crafting recipes for all Hearthstones(default : true)
 - generate "Timewalker's Hearthstone" in dungeon chest(default : ture) - can be found in Desert Temple too.

 # ETC #
 - enable Berserker Mode(default : false) - Berserker Mode is triggered if hunger level is lower than base hunger level on respawn. Movement and attack speed will increase. You'll deal more damage and also gain some health back when you kill something.
 - reapply useful effects on respawn(default : false)
 - reapply harmful effects on respawn(default : false)
 - disable cure effect of milk bucket(default : false)
 - enable crafting recipes for all syringes(default : true)


requires TTMP Core.


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