557 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 13, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod provides a way of decreasing  on demand or automatically.

Requires Baubles by Azanor. (Future update will remove this required dependency and turn it into an optional one.)


Rotten carrots can be eaten (ew) at any time and give the Hunger debuff for 6 seconds. They aren't really that useful at the minute. (Future updates may extend the usefulness of rotten carrots; perhaps something cool could happen if you fed enough of them to your favourite horse...)


The rotten carrot can then be used, in combination with 4 wooden planks and a block of iron, create a torc. The torc can be activated to drain  immediately, or sneak-right-click activated to drain  over time.

Each activation (whether manual or automatic) will also consume durability.

The maximum durability, frequency of automatic hunger ticks, consumed (1 = 1/2 a ), whether the torc recipe is enabled, and whether the torc and rotten carrot can be found in loot chests can be configured.

Note: The torc only consumes , it does not affect saturation (which some mods display as a yellow outline around the ).

What is a Torc?

Torcs are an ancient form of jewellery that exists as a band worn around the neck. Generally there is flexibility and an opening through which you can attach it -- but you can wear it on your neck, or on your ankle, or on your wrist -- it's a pretty diverse Bauble.

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