HuajiAge-Infinite Galaxy

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It's a mod which added some fancy items and blocks to make your make your world more amusing.

HUAJI,in Chinese,means comical or funny,and it's more known as one emoji.

Just like this---

In the HUAJI universe, there is a peculiar thing named HUAJI, which is ubiquitous and constitutes thousands of things. It is said that holding the funny starlight power can obtain the supreme power of the legendary HUAJI ancestor.


Fancy Addition

  • a vary long crafting system(Just for some legend items,and strongly recommend mechanized production)
  • some? "Surprise" for real or ACG stars
  • JOJO's amazing STAND capability


After instilled Patchouli , you can get more details.

When you enjoy the leisure time of touhou little maid , you can invite one maid as your STAND to fight with you.


Attention : Because of the optimization of data structure for STAND , Remember, before update to the 1.3.1-release version, Store Your STAND in Tarot card 


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