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HTM is a serverside fabric mod for protecting your containers and trusting people with access to them

Requires Fabric API

Getting started

HTM requires no additional setup apart from placing it in your mods folder. All new containers will automatically be set to private.

HTM also supports the luckperms API, which allows you to manage permissions. Permission nodes are listed in the relevant section. All nodes except admin are enabled for all users by default

Using HTM

The mod has multiple commands which you can use on your containers


/htm flag: Checks the flags of a specific container. Left click on the container after running this command to check

`/htm flag type value: Left click a container to set the flag

Permission node: htm.command.flag


/htm set PUBLIC: Allows everyone to access the container

/htm set PRIVATE: Allows only the owner and those with permissions to access the container

/htm set KEY: Allows only those with a key to access the container

Permission node: htm.command.set


/htm trust player [global]: Allows a player to access that container if private

Permission node: htm.command.trust


/htm untrust player [global]: Revokes a player's access to the container

Permission node: htm.command.trust


/htm remove: Removes all protections from a container

Permission node: htm.command.remove


/htm transfer player: Transfers ownership to another player

Permission node: htm.command.transfer


Toggles persist mode, which allows you to continue executing the same action without typing the command again

/htm persist

Permission node: htm.command.persist

Additional permissions

htm.admin: Allows unrestricted access to containers and other managerial permissions


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