Hive365 radio mod

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The official Hive365 radio mod
Running on Fabric, requires the Fabric-API mod 




  • Tune in and listen to the Hive365 radio stream
  • Like/dislike songs through Choons/poons, request a song or shoutout to a live presenter
  • Provides song info, including album art and a song url link
  • Integrates seamlessly into vanilla minecraft and provides compatibility for popular modpacks like AOF3



All available within the UI or as commands. A full list of commands are listed by typing /hive365

  • Choon/Poon - Equates to liking or disliking a song
  • DJFtw - You like the presenter
  • Request - Request a song
  • Shoutout - Send a shoutout to the presenter
  • Song URL - Get a universal song URL for the current track if one is available


Bug reports

To report a bug please visit: otherwise if your not sure how to report an issue or would like to discuss a possible solution please feel free to join our discord


An In depth wiki is available if you have any queries about the mod

Terms and conditions
We take the privacy and safety of our listeners very seriously. For this reason by default retrieving album art for songs and all interactions are disabled unless the user reads, agrees to and accepts the conditions using /hive365 accept. For a print of our T&Cs visit:


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