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History of Middle-earth is a Minecraft submod using the LOTR mod as base mod.


this submod is exclusively made for my server. You cannot use it for your own server.

Bringing new things to Middle-earth

On top of the LOTR mod, we use our very own custom mod. It adds a lot of content to the already amazing experience of the LOTR mod. For example, there are new factions like Arnor and Wicked Dwarves. We have also added new subfactions like the Moriquendi, Firebeards, Minas Morgul and Arvedui Dwarves. There are also lots of quality of life updates like the mining and wood cutting skills which give useful abilities.



We added 3 skills to the game. inspired by Runescape. 
We have mining, woodcutting and husbandry. They all prevent you from doing things like mining mordor rock for example. you need to get level 8 to mine this rock.
You can disable the skills in your help menu (H)


More info


We added lots of things, we hope you enjoy this submod/addon... however we will only do updates when there are gamebreaking bugs. EXPECT A 1.16.5 renewed version soon (join the discord for updates)

Here is a link to our discord, join us there if you want to play!



factions in the submod