Historicized Medicine

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Adding historically inspired medical related effects and items.


  • Knowledge System. Craft knowledge sheets which are filled by using the medical tools & items available to you, and when full can be used with the Medical Crafting Table to allow you to craft the next series of medical tools & items.
  • Apothecarian and Plague Doctor villager types.
  • Rats! They're cute and can carry the plague.
  • Medical tools & items from different eras of history. Examples: Medicinal Clay, Trephine, Honey Poultice, Tile Cautery, Nitrous Oxide
  • Statues which can be placed and prayed to by right-clicking to give positive effects. These have a per-player universal cooldown and can not be collectable once placed, so they are designed to be placed in player's bases and used when going out or coming in.
  • Four effects: Bleeding, Infection, Pain, and Plague (aka The Block Death).
    • Bleeding chips away at your health for a total of (5 * lvl of effect) hearts over the duration of the effect
    • Infection stops the natural regenerative process
    • Pain causes slowness and weakness
    • Plague is contagious. If you have it, you will spread it to nearby creatures, which will kill them after 5 minutes. You can cure it with a potion made from materials obtained from the Plague Doctor and Apothecarian villagers.

Compatability with other mods:

Supports The One Probe for viewing block information.
Supports JEI for viewing recipes for the Medical Crafting Table.
Has ore dictionary compatability for recipes.
Includes lots of configuration options for modpack makers.

Modpack policy:

You are more than welcome to include this in your modpack, so long as you do not monetize content that doesn't belong to you and abide by the EULA

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