HexLands II

94,937 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 23, 2023 Game Version: 1.19.3   +2

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This mod is an updated and rewritten version of the original Hex Lands mod by superfluke, et. al. It has been re-done completely from scratch in modern versions of Minecraft.



  • Adds two world type presets: "HexLands", and "HexLands (Overworld)". The former which enables hexagonal terrain generation in both the overworld and the nether, the latter which only enables it in the overworld.
  • Each hex contains a single biome. Hexes of different types are bordered by walls.
  • Automatic compatibility with mods that add biomes to the overworld or other world generation.
  • Many options for world customization via data packs.


Data Packs


All of Hex Lands's world generation is exposed to datapacks, including various options about hex sizes, biome distribution, and border properties. For more information on how to use the custom world settings, read the documentation. For questions and support, join the Discord.