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You need to install the latest WolfCore mod to run 2.x.x, You can get it here


The wiki is a blank slate, you can help me with that, i'm

rushing with the ores



Thank your, who tried this mod And liked it, i stopped to remake the mod 

 In standard FML for healt reasons, but now i'm better, i not expected to this 

Mod become bigger add-on for mods with generators of solid fuel

 and other little things, i'm in process of remake the mod in 

MCreator, yeah for now, this will be the biggest update of the mod

Well here are more creators/contributors of the mod:



 You are tired of standard and limited fuel resources?

Or chop many trees?

HEXeco has created for unlimited fuel in your minecraft 

For example, i have 12 stirling engines for a hungry quarry but the fuel is

limited and i live in a desert... what can do?

mmmmph, craft a Solar Panel! the solar panel creates a unlimited coal from sun

It generate energy in item form for use of all type of generator

it is simple usage

If i no have lapis dye?

Craft a Bog dirt, you only place in the world and Right click with a water bucket

and harvest it with a shovel

Some Recipes from the mod (Note: The hopper icon is the CHUTE block, to avoid Several weirdness!)





I can use your mod in a modpack?

That depends on the type

-Public; this one is fine, just credit me somewhere

-Private; Well, you can use it, but don't say, You made this mod, because you become a Jerk on my ass


I can make spotlights Of/using your mod?

Of curse, just leave a link back here


I Can use your assets in other mod?

Yes, just credit me




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