Wolf core

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This mod does all the dealing with asm to avoid headaches so the asm twweaks are only needed on client side, this means basicaly, THIS MOD CAN'T BE INSTALLED IN A SERVER OR IT WILL CRASH!

Moved here all TW's mod dependencies

Why? just for organization

Also have a smaller commands to help you in Hardcore mode!


Note: this will crash a server, this is only client side mod




I can use your mod in a modpack?

That depends on the type

-Public; this one is fine, just credit me somewhere

-Private; Well, you can use it, but don't say, You made this mod, because you become a Jerk on my ass


I can make spotlights Of/using your mod?

Of curse, just leave a link back here


I Can use your assets in other mod?

Yes, just credit me



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