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Helicopters Madness


Helicopters Madness is a pretty simple mod, adding a new enchantment inspired by Mysticat's video about more enchantements in Minecraft

"Helicopter" is a new enchantment allowing you to kinda fly like an Helicopter when pressing a key (default : N). It can be applied to weapons and is rare, and can be found in loot tables and traded by villagers. You can get up to level 5, each level making you fly higher and damaging entities in a bigger radius. The mod is almost fully configurable, so you can always tweak some features.

- Using the Helicopter Key will push you up and rotate your head depending on the enchantment level. By default, it will consume durability and saturation and won't give you nausea, but you can change this in the config. 


- Using the Helicopter move will also damage nearby entities near you (if not blocked in the config), the radius will depend on the enchantment level, and the damage amount is configurable.


- Used with Elytra


Config File :

"y_veloctiy_multiplier": 0.1,     # how high the helicopter enchantment will push you up
"head_yaw_multiplier": 0.6,     # how much your head will rotate
"radius_damage": true,     # will you damage nearby entities
"radius_damage_amount": 1,     # by how much will you damage nearby entities
"saturation_consumed": 0.5,     # how much saturation will you lose when using the move
"give_nausea": false,     # will you get nausea when using the move
"use_durability": true     # will using the move use tool's durability

Mysticat Video :

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