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Filename hwell-0.4.2.jar
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Uploaded Jun 30, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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30th of June, 2019

Couple of bug fixes.


Added the ingredient block list for all the multiblock machines into the Book of the Well.
Added Glass Bottles as an output of Charging a Power Crystal with EXP Bottles.
Added Gravity Block's range to its item description.
Added the sky access requirement to the Mysterious Fertilizer item description.


Added oredict "dustSalt" for salt
Fixed Heat Furnace setting itself on fire.
Fixed Heat Furnace ignoring item metadata.
Fixed Puller ignoring filter metadata.
Fixed Puller ignoring recipe metadata.
Fixed Puller not being turned off by powering the 8 Heat Blocks.
Fixed Puller not requiring vertical Amplifying Tubes.
Fixed Separator not requiring vertical Amplifying Tubes.
Fixed Fertile Soil spamming grows without checking for some conditions. This caused some crashes or bugs with different growables.
Fixed more conflicting Mutation Paste recipes (Changed: Jungle Sapling and Brown Mushroom).

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