Hearth Well

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some blocks and items

In Hearth Well, all Minecraft resources are available through progression.

Without leaving your house you will get the materials you need to build and craft everything you need.
Between crafting simple blocks and building multi-block structures, you will never be idle.

The objectives of this mod are that you build the machines you need (and hopefully have fun doing it) to give purpose to your home space, and that everything is as simple as possible, without complex GUI's or numbers, while still having enough diversity to keep you engaged to progress through the mod.


Works well in a flat stone world if the player is given a seed of life to start.
May also be used in a skyblock, stoneblock, or normal world.

This mod is still in development.
Having Jei is advised.

Documentation: https://wolforcept.github.io/hearthwell/
Discord: https://discord.gg/prpWgGu
Image Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/uvvn9pY



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Main Progression

In this page you will find most of the blocks and items required to progress through the mod, and will give you a general idea of how most crafting mechanics work.

To get started in Hearth Well you need two wooden pressure plates. Place one on each hand. Then, while looking directly up and sneaking, say a prayer to the gods containing the words "poor", "please", "send", "book", "gods", and smash the pressure plates together with right click! If the gods are merciful they will send you a book explaining the concepts of the mod.


The Crushing Block: This block will let you shatter materials 
into its smaller components.

Crushing Block

Myst Dust can be multiplied by infusing grass with it and waiting.
This dust is needed for most of the mod.

Myst Dust


The Power Crystal
Will provide energy to nearby machines.
Right click to place it in the world.
Will eventually need to be charged in a charger.
Power Crystals require 3 parts to craft: the Nucleous, the Relay and the Screen.
- Possible Nuclei:Snowball, Diamond, Mysterious Rod, Blaze Rod and Imprisoned Light.
- Possible Relays: Stone, Quartz, Redstone, End Stone, Moonstone, Lapis, Azurite, Mystic Iron and Soulsteel.
- Possible Screens: Glass, Scorch Glass, Crystal, Nether Crystal and Packed Ice.
The different parts will change the 3 traits: power, range and purity.
- Power simply means more total Power available.
- Range is also simply the range at which a Power Crystal can deliver power.
- Purity affects power lost by distance. More purity means less power lost when charging a machine from a distance.

Power Crystals

The charger will charge Power Crystals that are in it.
Right click with a Power Crystal to insert it into the Charger.
Then throw items into it that can charge power crystals.
Some items will be consumed, others will have an output from the top.
Items that can charge a crystal:
- Mysterious Dust
- Mysterious Leaves
- Mysterious rod
- Bucket of Liquid Souls
- Crystal Catalyst
- Imprisoned Light

The Amplifying Tube. Will turn some objects beneath it into their amplified smelted counterpark.
It can turn stone into lava and mushy blocks into water. Requires access to the sun on the top.


tube lavaTube water

The Freezer. Will freeze water into snow or ice, and lava into obsidian.

Has 5 radius and consumes 30 energy per operation.



The Precision Grinder: A multiblock structure that allows you to grind your materials into other ones. Requires a Grinding Wheel to be inserted, but not all operations are available for every grinding wheel. Be careful not to grind big stacks of materials or the grinder can jam and the grinding wheel can jump out.
The Precision Grinder can be used as an early form of resource multiplication as it will slightly increase the yield of mined ores.
Requires 100 Energy per Operation.

Precision GrinderPrecision Grinder Multiblock

Different crystal shards are required for many items throughout the mod
but are easily obtained from mysterious trees.
Crystals and Shards

Core Blocks and Shards: Use the various shards (that you got from crushing crystals) on the cores to infuse them with that shard element. Then feed the infused core the required materials to transform it into something else.

CoringCoring Tables

Craft and use the Obsidian Displacer to get obsidian before having a diamond pickaxe. This lets you build the Nether Portal with no diamonds.

Obsidian Displacer

Obtain Nether Crystals by sending your crystals through the nether portal into the Nether.

Crystals from the Nether

The Heat Furnace: A multiblock structure that will cook and smelt without delay or consumption of materials. It will, however, sometimes consume some water from the top.

Requires 100 Energy per Operation.

Heat Furnace

The Separator: A multiblock structure that allows you to divide complex constructions into its components.
The components will exit the machine in the various outputs.

Requires 100 Energy per Operation.



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