Health Indicators

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You are in the heat of battle, you feel your health slowly deplete,  you must go on, to honor your family, you cannot die, but at the same time, you cannot take your eyes off the enemy to look at your health, the next hit you take may be your last. Then you hear it, the sound, oh the sound, one would say that this sound is a warning, I say that this sound is a sort of medicine, that tastes a bit spicy, maybe it has a bit too much pepper? but ignore the taste of the sound! The sound gives you energy to go on, it allows you continue the fight, without looking at your health bar, it allows you to concentrate on your next blow, what you hope to be the final blow to the enemy. You did it, you hit the foe for the final blow, he is dead, you defeated him, you have won this battle. You then celebrate with some soup, but before you take a spoon full, you add a little pepper to make it spicy, maybe?



(This plays a sound when you health is low, there is a config to specify the 'trigger' health)


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