Better Graves

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I've had to take a step back from most of my projects following the onslaught of several health issues. I'm looking for a new lead maintainer for Better Graves. If you think you'd like to handle this project for the foreseeable future, please make contributions to my repository.

This mod requires Fabric Loader and Fabric API. A Forge version is not planned.

This mod is mostly stable, but as with all gravestone mods, it is extremely difficult to account for all edge cases. Please report them if you find them!

Better Graves

Have you ever died and lost your items because you were too far away or got held up by something? Well no more! With Better Graves, your drops get placed into a grave block that only you can access!


Simply drop the .jar in your Fabric instance's mod folder and when you die, your inventory will be saved! (The mod is nonfunctional if the game rule keepInventory is enabled.) What's more, is when you retrieve your items, they will be placed back into your inventory in the same layout they dropped! To retrieve your items, simply right click on the grave stone! Any inventory that you are carrying before accessing the grave will first attempt to stack / fit into your grave inventory. Failing that, it'll drop at your feet.


  • Built-in Trinkets support (Can be disabled / Does not require Trinkets to be installed)
  • Also, mod developers can add their own integration if desired, using the API.



Current inventory stacks with old inventory

For Mod Developers

An API is available as of 0.2.0-beta.1, it is still under development, so things might change. Create issues on Github if you need features not yet available!


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