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[Version: Beta 1.1.0 - Wooden IDs]

Minecraft Version: 1.14.4

Forge Version: 28.2.16

What's new?


  • changed every ID from blocks and items [warning! Old worlds won't be able to keep the progess. Blocks and items disappear after reloading the world!]
  • added doors for Soul wood, Thanatree wood and Luminan Elm wood
  • added fence gates for Soul wood, Thanatree wood and Luminan Elm wood
  • changed the model of Green Ogre
  • changed the textures of certain wooden blocks
  • added more advancements
  • changed function and changed texture of "Feather on a Stick"
  • changed the spawn conditions of Shadow Ore and Healstone Ore
  • added recipes for the blast furnace
  • added more ghosty blocks for: Cobblestone, Birch/Spruce/Oak/Dark Oak Planks, Stone, Stone Bricks
  • added a WIP Stripped Thanatree Log
  • renamed the wooden blocks (example: from Wood to Log)
  • deleted the Poison Mushroom Forest from the Overworld
  • changed the fuel power of Reinforced Coal from 2100 to 3000
  • added Ashsand Composite and Ashed Glass Block/Ashed Glass Pane
  • added a new Creative Tab called "Healcraft Special Blocks"
  • added a campfire recipe for Lumin Porkchop
  • changed the texture of Glowez Armor



  • Soul Dagger should now drop Soul Flame correctly after killing an entity
  • fixed a bug where Prismus wasn't able to attack the player and other targets
  • fixed a bug where the saplings won't spawn a tree properly
  • Tall Tentactlus did not spawn on grass blocks in the Dark Dimension
  • fixed a bug where Thanatree Leaves, Luminan Elm Leaves and Soul Leaves couldn't detect nearby wooden blocks and were able to disappear
  • fixed a bug which could cause the game to crash when right-clicking the Glass Container in hand
  • fixed much more minor problems and bugs


Some changes in this versions will just be temporarily. Some got a minor changed to make it easier and more functional with future additions.

Items and blocks that are marked as WIP ingame should be used at your own risk!

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