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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This Mod isn't finished yet!


Status: 75/100%


About Healcraft

Name: Healcraft
Newest Version: 1.1.0 Beta

Genre: Fantasy, Story

Minecraft Versions: 1.14.4





Once upon a time, the Overworld and the Abyss were at peace. But one day the Abyss Queen discovered a magic crystal. She captured this magical crystal inside her, which pierced anger in her. The heart of the two worlds broke into two. The player now needs to restore the heart. But he has to go to the deepest corners of the shadows to find the lost parts. Dark forests, spikes, abysses, and opponents rule on his journey. The player has to travel to the Abyss Dimension and kill the Abyss Queen before everything turns dark.
This is why the overworld creatures created a peaceful biome called the Luminan Elm Forest, where everyone is save. But there is also a darker, prison-like biome, where the Abyss banished traitors to.



This mod includes:

-> up to 16 hostile Mobs

-> 3 Bosses and Minibosses

-> different types of wood and logs

-> many new building materials such as new kind of stonebricks including stairs, slabs, fences, and more...

-> currently 2 new Dimensions (Dark Dimension and Soul Dimension)
-> multiple dungeons to explore (with custom loot)

-> about 6 new ores, which some of them including armor and tools
-> Magic items such as Wands, medallions, and more
-> new kind of Working Stations

-> over 60 mod based achievements

and more...
(more is coming in the future)






As already mentioned this mod isn't done yet, so expect a few bugs and not done Objects (recognizable by WIP). Everything in this mod can still change (models, functions of objects). If you find any bugs pls report them to me (also per pm). Before someone sends a bug to me check out the 'known issues' (down below).

If you are having problems with understanding the mod, please stick to the advancements/achievements. There are also a lot of helpful mods out there than can help someone craft a specific item or block in this mod.

This mod project started with MCreator and ended up by custom codeing!


Liscenses and music are listed in the mod description (including music disc and sounds)


If you used Version Beta1.0.0 of Healcraft and changed to a higher version, blocks and items might be disappeared after the ID change in Beta1.1.0


Planned Content:

-> Abyss Dimension

-> more Wands and Staffs (more magic)
-> Soul Dimension rework (new biomes)

-> more achievements/advancements

-> Healstone and Glowez Armor Rework

-> Update to 1.15

Known Issues:
-> Crafting Stations do not show up as Crafting Stations in Craft-Menu

-> Structures rarely do not spawn correctly





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