Headed - More Mob Heads

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Headed: Add More Mob Heads to Decorate Your Minecraft Buildings
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Headed is a Minecraft mod inspired on Headcrumbs that lets you add a variety of decorative mob heads to your game to decorate your buildings. Unlike other head mods and data packs, Headed uses its own models to render its heads, which means they have more detailed and unique designs than the default 8x8 player heads.

Compatible with Minecraft versions 1.18.2 and above, Headed requires Fabric API to work with either version. In addition to the expanded selection of mob heads, Headed features coloured sheep heads, unique textures for tamed wolves, and glowing eyes for certain mobs like endermen, spiders, cave spiders, and phantoms.

Discover the Benefits of Headed

  • Elevate the appearance of your Minecraft creations with advanced mob head models
  • Experience more customization options with unique textures for tamed wolves and glowing eyes for select mobs
  • Compatible with Minecraft versions 1.18.2 and above
  • Includes head note block sounds