9,888 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

This mod is for people who want to participate in HCMC100 (Hardcore Minecraft 100) event. It collects your stats and advancement progress in hardcore survival worlds. By installing and using this mod you agree that the website collects following information about you:

  • Your twitch username and ID
  • Your minecraft username and UUID
  • Your minecraft stats
  • Your minecraft advancements
  • Your minecraft death messages and times

The mod or website doesn't store your twitch password or even login token. This information then can be accessed from either the API or website. You can also install plugin for your stream that shows that data as overlay. More info on that here.

You can see all streamer progress on this website

More info on hcmc100.com.

This mod requires Forge. You can find the Fabric version here