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Filename hatchery-1.12.2-2.2.2.jar
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Uploaded May 24, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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#2.2.2v (hotfix)

  • Removed testing code from logs.



  • Removed a test printout from the generator
  • If a chicken some how dies inside of a pen.. it will now die.
  • Checks when animal in net (not a chicken) to prevent deleting animals in nets when clicking on a chicken pen. 



  • Added Redstone Comparators signals
    • Fertilizer Mixer -> fertilizer liquid level
    • Nesting Pen -> Inventory size
    • Shredder -> Primary Output Slot Only
    •  Egg Machine -> Output Inventory size
  • Added Redstone Input
    • Generator -> High input shuts off generator
    • Fertilizer  -> High input shuts off Fertilizer mixer
    • Shredder -> High input shuts off Shredder
  • All Hatchery eggs now can be converted back into vanilla eggs.. again!
  • Fixed Fertilizer sprayer not being able to be refilled from liquid fertilizer on ground or by shift + right clicking on a fertilizer mixer. 
  • Fixed Fertilizer Mixer giving incorrect values of liquid fertilizer based on upgrades. 
  • Generator now outputs power correctly to any mod with power conduits. 
  • Added new Config Settings
    • Nets only capture chickens
    • Feeders will only accept Chicken Feed 



  • Tried to fix an issue with rending null world in the nest renderer. 


  • Fixed issue with thrown hatchery eggs spawning only vanilla chickens, even when its another mods chicken type.
  • Fixed issue with manure item entities overpopulation worlds. (This should help server lag)

  • Changed drop time of manure from chickens to drop at a slower rate, but may drop more.

  • Feeder block now increases drop rate of manure, So feeding chickens more makes them poop more.

  • Fixed JEI nesting pens order of chicken stats to match  the 'chickens mod' order in JEI.



  • Thanks to a lot of people I ,hopefully, was able to crush some bugs. 
  • Fixed all the Containers and GUI's to work as intended(I think).
  • Nesting Pens now show Chickens Stats in HWYLA && TOP  (If its enabled in chickens mod or chicken has been analyzed)
  • Change the look of nesting pens and nest. 
  • You can now use Chickens Spawn eggs on nesting pens to spawn a chicken inside of it.
  • You can no use Chickens Analizer on nesting pens to see their stats.
  • Fixed Chickens being rotated in strange directions in nesting pen.
  • Fixed hatchery eggs not showing Chicken stats. 
  • Fixed Guis to actually only allow certain items into certian slots.
  • Fixed a duping bug
  • Change some of the manure mechanics for roaming chickens
  • Roosters can now be giving modded seeds via a config file (trial run)
  • Added swing sound to animal net when picking up entity.
  • Fixed the wool recipe from fiber pads


  • Fixes a crash when opening certain Guis


  • Initial port from 1.11.2 to 1.12.2
  • This may be a finish version, but I'm sure crashes and errors will be found.
  • Please report if you find any.
  • If nothing is reported after a while. than i will change to a Release version.




Port from 1.10.2 -> 1.11.2


  • Refractored a lot of old code
  • Finished up all JEI Code
  • Updated JEI code
  • Removed a secondary Generator block and replaced it with a Variant. You will get a missing block error.
  • Added more recipes to Shredder Machine
  • Added a couple more items to the lucky eggs. 



  • Fixed server side crash




  • Game Locked up Fix on World load
    • Removed two custom recipes for fertilizer bucket and refilling the sprayer. 
    • The Recipes aren't really needed anymore since, the fertilizer mixer can be used to make liquid fert, and can fill the sprayer. 
    • They were removed because they seemed to keep worlds from loading under certain circumstances.  



  • Egg nests are working correctly
  • More code clean up. 
  • Generators my have some issues in next update as I will be replacing come code. be prepared. 



  • Fixed Duplication bug (yeah.. Im not say what it was.)
  • Egg nest are added back.. didn't noticed I forgot it last update.
    • Known issues is egg nests aren't rendering egg colors correctly
  • Currently Chickens dye eggs aren't working. Will fix this as soon as I can.
  • Some clean up of code



  • First Port.. it will have errors
    • I believe most of the null pointer errors have been found.. 
    • Otherwise.. report the issues 
  • Changes to Roosters
    • More health and dmg
    • Roosters attack anything that attacks chickens.
    • Roosters 

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