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Filename hatchery-1.10.2-0.3.22.jar
Uploaded by GenDeathrow
Uploaded Oct 18, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


1.11 / 1.12 Update

Im happy with my stopping point on 1.10, I will now start updating to newer versions of MC. There are some rewrites that will happen. most of my latest code is already prepped but some of the original will needs to be rewritten to make updating less of a hassle.


- 0.3.22

  • Finished other upgrades for machines (If you hide the old place holder items in jei.. unhide them now)
  • You can only place upgrades in a machine that will accept that specific upgrade.
  • Update to inventory system.. no longer uses IInventory, now uses capability system. MAY LOSE SOME ITEMS STORED IN THEM. Only on first load.  
  • Hatchery eggs can be turned back into normal eggs
  • All Tile entities now have sided inventories, extract from bottoms, insert from top and sides. 
  • You can fill the fertilizer mixer and generator from your hands without going into the inventory now. Just right click with a bucket. 
  • Updated most blocks to now have JEI support with its custom recipes. 
  • Create string from feather fibers. 
  • Proper icons and registering of the tile entities for jei.
  • Lucky egg machine can now except items and power from the top block as well as the bottom. 
  • Updated lang files
  • Refactored Code


- 0.3.21

  • Fix fertilizer mixer not accepting manure, but you still cant place a hopper underneath it and pull from the output slots.
  • Fertilizer mixer now accepts single use fluid items. 


- 0.3.20

  • Hotfix crash with fertilizer mixer issue and its tile entity.  Crashes happend on world reloading. 
  • Other things you will noticed is some new Upgrades (Not Working) Had to get this hotfix out first. 



- 0.3.19


  • Updated Animal nets to no longer try to add a chicken to a pen that already has a chicken.
  • Animal Nets were acting funky when in Creative mod, so now if you use a net it just creates a new net with your captured chicken.
  • Added/Changed localization
  • Added Lucky Egg Machine
    • Subject to Some Changes next update
  • Added Lucky Eggs
  • New Items
    • Feather Pulp
    • Feather Pad
  • New Recipes
    • Feather pulp -> paper: in furnace
    • Feather fibers -> Feather Pad
    • Feather Pad -> Wool


- 0.3.17

  • Shredder should be working now. Shredders will also pick up items like hoppers if thrown on the ground.. currently only feathers can be shredded, and will support craft tweaker in the future to add more items.
  • The nesting pens placements should be fixed now.. 
  • New Items plastic, circuit boards, feather fibers, feather meal, and chicken feed

Known Issue: RF doesn't show on shredders in servers.. working on a fix


- 0.3.16 (ALPHA) 

  • Added Shredder, not 100% but it works, Servers are still a bit funky.
  • New Items plastic, circuit boards, feather fibers, feather meal, and chicken feed
  • New recipes for upgrade
  • Feeders accept chicken feed


- 0.3.15

  • The One Probe should be re enabled. Currently supports nesting pens and egg nest.
  • Chickens in nesting pens should no longer be taking damage, chickens should no longer die or pretend to walk around playing sounds on your ears. If you have no idea what I'm talking about than don't worry about it.
    • Also  this is a trial run, I may optimize this more. 
  • Start of a new Block, Feather Shredder will allow players to shred feathers into feather fibers and feather meal. Will be used for new items. 
    • Not actually usable yet. Just has the block and animations. 


- 0.3.12

  • Fixed Major bug with Nesting pens
  • Fixed interaction with all new blocks and GUI
  • Updated Generator Model, &  added animation to generators that are on
  • Fixed Chickens not having AI when removed from pens
  • Updated some JEI code
  • Fixed Animal nets not removing chicken name when placing in a nesting pen.

- 0.3.12

  • Added RF to Fertilizer Mixer to allow it to mix faster
  • Fertilizer Mixer can accept fluid pipes from anysides now, and will push or pull correct fluid (water/liquid fertilzier)
  • Added GUI to Hatchery Nesting pens
  • Switched nesting pens to use new inventory storage code
  • Fixed recipe for generators to use redstone block not redstone ore
- 0.3.11
  • Fixed a small issue with tile entities not deleting
  • Fixed lang files 

- 0.3.10

  •  Performance update (Thanks to Mezz's PR)
    • Nesting Pens should have much better performance on their tick updates
    • Prevent doing expensive AI and collision detection
  • Added new new (WIP) machine (Fertilizer Mixer & Methane Generator.
    • These are Work in Progress which is why this is considered a beta build.
    • These blocks are final and will be changed, fixed, updated.. all the above.
    • Getting Feedback on these items would help to greatly improve them.
  • Roosters
    • No longer lay eggs
    • needs to be able to see chickens to mate.
  • Added COFH RF API
  • Blocks had some increased hardness.
  • Nets No longer spawn chickens inside blocks
  • Vanilla chicken spawn eggs can now place into nesting pens. (support for chickens mod later)
  • Stop "Skipping Entity with id" console spam from creating null chickens


- 0.2.10

  • Wrenches can now turn nesting pens without losing the chicken and items. 
  • Nesting pens no longer lose items on world restarts. 
  • Switch support from just Wailia > HWYLA (which is a continuation of waila)
  • Fixed rooster breeding not working correctly if the eggbreeding config was false
  • HWYLA updated and fixed the spam in console and causing players to get booted from servers

  • Removed unused Code

  • Made sure old mating AI was getting replaced with new AI

  • Added new rooster only breeding option (WIP)(Not really compatible with modded chickens)

  • Eggs no longer give you a chance to get 5 chickens in one egg.. not sure how that got in there.

  • Added in-game config gui

  • Now internally handle chickens wing flapping inside nesting pen. Will use to have more control.

- 0.2.7

  • Fix issue with some players still losing their chickens when chunks are loading and unloading. (seems to only affect under certain situations.)

- 0.2.5 [Hotfix for jei recipe]

  • Sorry for the quick fix, but realized jei was displaying wrong information for nesting pen drops with "Chickens mod"
  • view below for all changes

- 0.2.4 - 0.2.3

  • Fixed Chickens and loot disappearing from Nesting pens, because of lost Tile entities
  • Fixed Visual bug of baby chickens not updating into an adult chicken when in the nesting pens
  • Added New Roster for Auto-breeding (Not meant for crossbreeding from Chickens Mod). Rooters Spawn into the world and you will have to find them.
  •  Animal Net can't be used in offhand
  •  Hatchery eggs can now be used in Dispensers to throw eggs
  •  Hatchery Eggs have been oredic to work with harvest craft recipes.  
  •  Nest no long are allowed to interact with hoppers, since they weren't suppose and didn't work anyways
  •  Removed about of unused code, and Unneeded code.
  •  Updated Lang Files zh_CN.lang was added by TartaricAcid
  •  Started new block, but isn't not active yet
  •  Added Catch to prevent clients crashing when connected to DS and during death screen.
  •  Changed how the AI replaced base chicken AI
  •  Updated Configs file to include rooster

- 0.2.2

      • Removed & Cleaned up some Code
      • Fixed some Syncing issues causing Crashes between servers / clients.
      • Crashes happens when breaking pens, and nest on servers


- 0.2.1

      • If Chickens Mod is installed You must have version 4.1+
      • Fixed the void fog effect when walking over fertilized farmland
      • Added a catch into hatchery in-case server and client desync and cause the egg creation to crash the game.
      • Added new config to turn off the chickening wing flapping. (Added for possible FPS issue)
      • Added Hatchery Eggs to the OreDiconary List
      • Removed un-needed files

      • Made the nest block not able to be collided with. 


- 0.2

    • If Chickens Mod is installed You must have version 4.1+ 
    • Added new support for Setycz - Chicken mod (New DNA)
      • Because of the new DNA stats, Hatchery Eggs wont stack as often. When you stats get maxed out they will always stack. 
    • Hatchery eggs will display DNA stats 
    • Added support for all pipes, or hopfully most of them. Thanks Kash!
    • Fixed Liquid eggs not placing liquid if canThowEgg setting was turned off
    • New JEI support for showing drops from Nesting Pens, included chickens from Chickens and More chickens mod
    • Fixed Animal Net spamming console. 

- 0.1.15

    • Eggs may not stack from previous worlds
    • Eggs have been changed slightly to remove the hard coded egg colors to a more dynamic color chooser. this will help with mods like Chickens & More Chickens. Currently those are the only too mods that are supported for this colors.
    • Fixed the chickens not matting in the nesting pens. Happened while trying to fix a Crash bug in the last update, My bad.
    • Items from nesting pens go into your Inventory instead of just anywhere, when clicked
    • Nursery Monitor will now work if you have doDayNightCycle turned off
    • Chickens now Drop Manure when free range chickens.
    • Nesting Pens now display time till next drop.. Eggs drop on a separate timer
    • Nursery Monitor texture fixed for particle effect


- 0.1.14

  • Chicken Feeders now have a visual on how full they are.
  • New Nursery Monitor Block used to sort adults from baby's into pens. (Thanks to Vadis365)
  • Fixed Crash when placing a chicken that cannot bread together IE (Vanilla Chickens & FlintChicken)
  • Fixed Eggs not displaying correct colors when breeding chickens not in a nesting pen.
  • Added new Egg Colors for More Chickens update.

 Recipe for Nursery Monitor:



*Nursery Monitors example to use it to go from egg to adult.. than to where ever you like. 




- 0.1.13

  • HotFix for a dupe bug with buckets.. its fixed.


- 0.1.12

  • Added new recipe to crafting table. You can fill up Sprayers with Fertilizer buckets Now
  • Updated Textures for Fertilized Dirt, & farmland. Also updated Manure block slightly.
  • Also updated Json models so things didn't look so messed up.
  • Added fertilizer bucket to the hatchery creative tab. It wasn't show up before.
  • Updated Recipe for Sprayer to include Fertilizer bucket.

New Recipe for Sprayer:





Brand New Refilling Recipe for Sprayer:








- 0.1.11

  • Fixed issue with fertilized dirt not working properly with mystical agriculture
  • Reduced the nest hardness level
  • Fixed bug with baby chickens turning into adults when placed
  • Fixed Server crash with colored eggs


- 0.1.10

  • Fixed Hatchery Eggs from not stacking because of nbt data not matching
  • Removed some Unnecessary code
  • Added new Colored Eggs, Currently HardCoded (Chickens Mod, And More Chickens supported). Working on a better method
  • Updated Lang Files
  • Added Getters for Fertilizer Bucket
  • Added Recipes for Sprayer and Fertilizer Bucket
  • New Fertilizer Sprayer Item
  • Changed Fertilizer dirts random bonemeal event slightly
  • Added Manure block


- 0.1.8

  • Fix Server crash because of a client side only call, that wasn't even needed.. I may have forgotten to remove


- 0.1.7

  • Updated Forge to version "1.10.2-"

  • Catching a illegal error for the time being in the renderer.. Real fix later

  • Fixed Eggs not stack from nesting pen

  • Small changes and committed out printouts


  • Nesting Pens will now look for Nearby nesting pens with chickens, If it finds a chicken you get a will always get an egg ever 5 mins.
    This works with Chickens Mod breeding system. (N,S,E,W) Only
  • Chickens by them self still have a random chance to get an egg but its not as often.
  • Added new Capability System to store special stats for animals
  • New Animal Stats Capability currently adds in When they will eat.


  • Eating from a chicken feeder boost either their drops or speeds chicken growth
  • Chicken Feeder was updated to use new capability.
  • Chicken Feeder effect is no longer stackable.
  • Chicken Feeders bounding box change
  • Fixed Hardness levers on blocks, added harvest tools / levels to blocks
  • Fixed the offset of the chicken nest when a egg hatches, chickens no longer spawn so high and will spawn directly over the nest now.
  • Chicken feeders Keep Inventory when block is broken.
    committed out some printouts
  • Chicken Feeder now has a recipe.. derp!


  • Slight adjustment to the default egg nest drop to 40%
  • Changed Recipes to Include OreDictionary recipes

 - 0.1.4

  • Issue with Chickens Duping and not being able to place chickens in pen if you break it. 
  • Any pens that weren't allowing to place a chicken in after this update, just break it and replace it. 
  • This broke to how vanilla handles blockstate when switching. It considers it as the block is breaking when all I did was change the the state from chicken to no chicken. So it would dump its inventory when adding a chicken.. that would drop a second chicken. 
  • Sorry for the major bug. I have learned from my mistake

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