Harmful Stonecutters


Harmful Stonecutters

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Makes stonecutters damage entities that stand on them.

Harmful Stonecutters requires the Fabric modloader and Fabric API.


  1. Install Fabric API if it is not installed.
  2. Download Harmful Stonecutters from CurseForge or GitHub.
  3. Place the downloaded file in your mods folder.


When this mod is installed, all stonecutters will harm entities that stand on top of them without sneaking.


This mod allows control over the blocks that slice entities. By default all blocks that are instances of StonecutterBlock will slice entities, but blocks added to the #harmfulstonecutters:safe_stonecutters tag will be exempt from this.

Any block in the #harmfulstonecutters:always_slicing tag will slice entities, even if it is not an instance of StonecutterBlock or is in the #harmfulstonecutters:safe_stonecutters block tag.