Hardcore Revival

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Hardcore Revival

Have you ever played Hardcore multiplayer with friends and suddenly your teammate died to a dumb mistake while you were just being comfy at home? You usually would be forced to restart, even though you didn't really do anything wrong. Maybe your friend didn't do anything wrong either. Overall I believe that death in hardcore is only fun if it feels like you really deserved it, for example while fighting a strong boss monster.

Therefore, this mod aims to solve this problem! When a player dies, instead of being gone for good, they enter a K.O. state, at which point a timer will start running. Being the good friend you are, you can attempt to save them in time. If you do, everything is fine - they get a small debuff and a strong appetite and you two can be on your way again. If you don't, for example because you died while trying to save them, or you just didn't care about your friend get there in time, then that's your own fault and you can now decide to restart while in peace with yourself!

This project is sponsored by Server.pro.

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  • Grace K.O. period before final death where your friends can save you
  • However, friends are not included :(
  • Locate the player and hold-right click to help them get back up
  • K.O. players can look around and chat, but can't move, attack nor use items
  • Works in both Hardcore and Normal mode