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Are you annoyed with having to add Mekanism just for the cardboard box or Tinkers Construct just for the crafting station? Would you rather have a small mod that adds only those features? Handy Mods are here to help!

Everything is open-source on GitHub, so feel free to learn from my code if it helps or shout at me for doing everything wrong.

Ender Boxer Result



  • Ender Box: pick up any block and place it down somewhere else! Or keep it stored somewhere forever…
  • Item Holder: single-item container that optionally displays its contents.
  • Chesty Crafting Table: a crafting table that keeps its contents when you exit the GUI.
  • Ender Boxer: automatically contains the block it's pointing at within an Ender Box while provided with a redstone signal.


  • Maybe a lightweight autonomous activator/mechanical user thing (as requested by Chilled_dayz)

Check out the Images section for more details!