Handy Mods

1,527 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 26, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Chesty Crafting Table

Yes, the block has the correct bounding box. Yes, that means you can break blocks through it if positioned correctly. Yes, it was completely unnecessary.

Item Holders

A single-item container, useful for automation! Includes a nicer-looking transparent version and a more performant opaque version. Both have The One Probe integration, of course.

Ender Boxer Before

Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy

Ender Boxer After

Yup, it just wraps the block in an Ender Box when powered.

Ender Box Before

you can see the fury in their eyes

Ender Box After – Translucent

poor Chesty never stood a chance :(

Ender Box After – Opaque

Alternatively, you can change a config setting to make the boxes opaque, in order to improve your FPS.

Ender Box Tooltip & Render

Not only does it tell you what block it contains in the tooltip, it actually renders it too!