Handheld Utilities

11,447 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2  

This mod adds a Utilities to the game allows you work on the go - without placing a block. 
This mod basically adds a way to access things without needing space for a utility block- and is really easy to craft - just some leather, sticks, and the utility you want.

The crafting recipe for the Crafting Pad can be found in the Image tab

The crafting recipe for the Ender-Bag is the same as the Crafting Bag however it uses and ender-chest instead.


1.12 - Only has a Crafting Bag (If you want to have other utilities added message me on the Discord server, https://discord.gg/KgxDErM)

1.13 - Crafting Bag and Ender Bag

1.14 - TBC


If you are to add this mod to your mod-pack please credit here :)



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