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Filename HammerLib-1.12.2-
Uploaded by Zeitheron
Uploaded Jun 15, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 2.32 MB
Downloads 26,100
MD5 384ccba304176b93548d3e019af6b8c1
Supported Java Versions
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


To get developer builds, consult our maven repository


  • Hotfix recipe registry IDs
  • Fixed buildscript
  • Corrected recipe API, fixed EnergyUnit, added JS API
  • Added model mesh normalization and custom handling.
  • Fixed v3 connected textures *sigh* finally done!
  • Fixed console spam with linking shaders, fixed NPE with ModelRendererWavefront.
  • Sanity check to prevent crashes if shader program failed to create.
  • New shader pipeline, made to reduce memory usage compared to old one.
  • New shader pipeline, made to reduce memory usage compared to old one.
  • XML reader, added config for ASM to fix Sponge incompatibility.
  • Added TickSlip? technology, improved JSON frameworks.
  • Fixed connectable particle issues.
  • Add GL Buffers and more handlers for Colored Lighting.
  • Added randomizable textures for connected models.
  • Improved colored light api (support particles), open perlin noise & small addition IBlockItemRegisterListener
  • Added OpenSimplexNoise, IRenderAwareItem
  • Added ColoredLux new tint support, changed up model scale to be 16 times smaller (should fix colored lighting issue)
  • Fixed networking issue, mainly occuring in TerrariaCraft (missing EntityPlayerMP on server rarely)
  • Fixed server crash, added sanity check before pushing the IBakedModel map. (Uggghhhh VanillaFix >:|)
  • Revamped OBJ rendering (WavefrontLoader & ModelRendererWavefront), added convenient resource reload method (client-side only)
  • Added tint indices for baked multipart models. Sync re-rendering for multiparts.
  • Added multipart baked model, fixed NPE with redstone nearby multiparts.
  • Add baked models for multiparts :o
  • Fix build issue for new devs
  • Fix what has been broken =w=
  • Fix #116
  • Fall back to defaults if gamerules are not present. Fixes compatibility with multiworld server implementations.
  • Fix compile issue caused by UTF8 characters.
  • Fixed jar signage issue.
  • Fixed #115
  • Fixed #113
  • what
  • More API
  • Added bone structure for Colored Lux internal compat. Also, EntityItemHurtEvent
  • ASM now actually works.
  • Hook into RenderChunk.postRenderChunk, fix #112
  • Registry improvements, modular ASM events, remove error messages
  • Connected textures v2
  • Update pack type, connected texture API! \o/
  • Fix #108, updated packet system to v1.5
  • Changed version check to dynamic API page.
  • Updated networking, few new client methods.
  • Fix GuiWTFMojang!
  • Update README.MD
  • 47th build. A little cleanup, added IWitherProofBlock.
  • Because... Mojang.
  • Add scissors, image helper, more drawing methods. Removed unused code.
  • Fixed #81...
  • Fixed #90 and #93
  • Changes to client methods, recipe registry fixes.
  • Shrunk symbols, ported configs, optimised and added few things here and there
  • Fixed #85
  • Shaded OKHTTP3, OKIO and IO.Socket libraries.
  • Added part rendering
  • Added langs
  • Added item rendering on the fly, fixed transport session send to all.
  • Added ItemStack renderer
  • Buch 'o' tweaks and GIF image decoder.
  • Improvements to manual, remove duplicate IndexedMap
  • Removed quite a few unused features, removed caching and ASM file saving